How it Works?

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3
Choosing from a range of different levels depending on the items you are after
2. Set up your subscription
Use our easy online ordering process to set up a subscription to suit you and your cycle
We aim to have all deliveries out to you on the first of each month, ahead of your time of the month

What's inside the box?

Not only your preferred menstrual item but also different snacks and self-care items curated monthly. You deserve to be pampered during your time of the month.

  • Your selected menstrual item
  • Organic block of chocolate
  • A different flavour of organic herbal tea each month
  • Pain relief and heat pads
  • Thoughtfully selected snacks, drinks, and self-care item each month

Choose Your Membership

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  • Menstrual item
  • Organic block of chocolate
  • Snack, drink, and self-care item
  • Pain relief
  • Free shipping*

We are launching with one box option initially and will be adding other options in the future.

Different chocolate, tea, snacks, drinks and self-care items are thoughtfully selected each month by our team.

Free courier to urban New Zealand addresses, rural has a small extra charge of $6.00

Why Choose Tombox?

We want to celebrate you when it comes to your time of the month!

Let us provide you with a box perfectly designed to support you through your menstrual cycle, delivered to your door each month.

Tombox was created to bring awareness to period poverty in Aotearoa and to remove menstrual stigma.

We want to encourage self-care and introduce you to high-quality items each month.

Selected Tombox items are either one or a couple of the following things:


It is important to us to support products and brands that do good for our world.

We are committed to using eco-friendly packaging, to ensure minimal environmental impact.

15% of our profits will go back to women and charities needing access to menstrual items.

By purchasing a Tombox you are joining a team that is here to end menstrual stigma and period poverty.

Start a conversation and join us on our journey.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tombox?

We are a wellness subscription box service created to support people in New Zealand throughout their menstrual cycle. We want to remove menstrual stigma and help to end period poverty in New Zealand. We are committed to donating 15% of profits to charity and organisations who support

What is inside a Tombox?

We have three different boxes available: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Silver contains your choice of menstrual Item, herbal tea and chocolate.

Gold has all the above with the addition of a full-sized snack and full-sized self-care item.

Platinum has everything the Gold box contains plus the additions of heat packs and pain relief.

Items are thoughtfully chosen by our team and change each month. Your chosen menstrual item, and the platinum boxes heat packs and pain relief will remain unchanged.

How much does it cost?


Prices include standard residential shipping; rural shipping incurs an additional $6.00.

Where and how do you ship?

We use a New Zealand based courier service and deliver New Zealand wide. We do not deliver outside of New Zealand.

Will there be enough menstrual items to last my full cycle?

We will provide one full sized box of your chosen menstrual item. As everyone’s cycle varies this may be enough. However, people do have their product favourites which they may like to use along with what comes in your Tombox. Our intention is for our subscribers to not be caught out when your time of the month arrives and having something is better than nothing! You never know, Tombox might introduce you to a new favorite item.

How long does a subscription last?

We do not have a length-based subscription plan so you will receive a monthly box if we receive your payment.

When are payments debited from my account?

Once you have completed your subscription box purchase you will be charged for your first box straight away. For future boxes, the same amount will be debited each month from your registered credit/ debit card on the fifth of each month.

How can I help reduce period poverty in Aotearoa?

You can visit an organisation who helps people in this situation. You can volunteer your time, donate menstrual items or donate money – please contact your preferred organisation to see what you can do to help them. You can also purchase our ‘donate a Tombox option’ or donate money through our website which we will put towards our next quarterly donation.

How does Tombox work?

Choose your subscription box, create your account and complete your subscription. Boxes will be sent out on the 20th (if the 20th falls on a weekend it will be the business day before) of each month in order to get to you by our target delivery date being the first of each month.

What is a menstrual item?

When we say menstrual item, we are referring to period products like tampons and pads. They are more commonly referred to as sanitary items. We learned at a talk hosted by the Wa Collective how the word ‘sanitary’ means clean. This translates to us that the mainstream world has deemed menstruation to be dirty, this is far from the truth. This wording is detrimental to how we perceive the most natural process that happens to us each month. This is an example of how a stigma has become attached to menstruating. Change your wording, it will change your thoughts and we will be closer to removing menstrual stigma.

How does Billing work?

Once you create your account and complete your subscription box purchase you will be charged for your first box straight away. For future boxes, the same amount will be debited each month from your registered credit/ debit card on the fifth of each month.

What if something arrives broken or damaged?

Please contact us as soon as you receive your box. Please note we may not be able to replace products as this is subject to availability. Email with a photo of the damage for us to review. We do not consider minor damage of the box packaging as a damaged item. We aim to replace the item either with the same or a similar item of the same value. All refunds/replacements are at the discretion of Tombox NZ.

How can I ensure my box will be here when my cycle starts?

We aim to have our boxes arrive by the first of each month, ready to go for whenever your time of the month begins. If you can hide it away somewhere and come back to it once your cycle starts you will have the ultimate care package! However, do not be hard on yourself if you cannot wait to open your Tombox, we know the excitement is real!

How can I cancel my subscription? / Cancellation policy:

If you wish to cancel your subscription, it is vital you do this ASAP and don’t risk forgetting to this as we do not offer refunds once your box has been sent due to forgetting to cancel your subscription.

We will aim to replace the item either with the same or a similar item of the same value. All refunds/replacements are at the discretion of customer support.

Ensure you cancel at least 48 business hours before the next debit date which is the fifth of every month. However, cancelling is easy! Simply log into your account, click subscription and hit cancel. Feel free to let us know if you have any constructive feedback as to why you have cancelled by emailing

How does Tombox give back to women experiencing period poverty in Aotearoa?

We will visit an organisation helping anyone who experiences difficulty obtaining menstrual items.

This will happen quarterly, as we are committed to donating 15% of our profits. This can be in the form of a monetary donation, gifting Tomboxes to the organisation – whatever is the best fit with the organisation we are working with at the time.

Can I pick a particular date for my box to arrive each month?

We know this varies from person to person, at this stage we have chosen to send all of our boxes at the same time with the aim for our subscribers to receive theirs by the first of each month. The idea is to stash it away until your time of the month arrives – we know it might be hard! But you will thank yourself later!